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Water Treatment System Cleans Marcellus Shale Wastewater

The following is a summary of the article that can be found in full here :


A water treatment system that can turn wastewater into clean water has been shown to reduce potential environmental impacts associated with producing natural gas from shale. Hydraulic fracturing is the method that has been used in cracking the shale and allowing the collection of the natural gas. The water resources needed to hydraulically fracture the shale is high and there is a potential of effecting the surface and subsurface water. There is a company called Altela that introduced the AltelaRain 4000 water desalination system. This system during nine months of operation successfully treated 77% of the water onsite, providing distilled water as the product. It is a very encouraging sign that companies while trying to gather a new source of natural gas through the shale are still taking into account the environment and the impact that hydraulic fracturing can have on the local water system.

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