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Nanotechnology in new sewage treatment plant

The following is a summary of the article found in its full form here :

A German company has come up with the idea to use nanotechnology in sewage treatment plants. Their product is a sewage treatment plant, which uses nanotechnology, built into a twenty foot container that can be deployed anywhere. The plant design is highly suitable for small remote area which are not connected with the national sewage network. The container would need to be cleaned once every two months, in terms of a treatment facility that is extremely impressive. The nanotechnology has become increasing popular and effective and new ideas in how to apply this technology are helping pave the way for new ideas in water treatment. In various countries there are areas which are far away from the main sewage network and these people that live in these areas have to spend high amounts of money to transfer their untreated sewage to actual sewage treatment facilities. This product could avoid this cost and also give farmers and locals the chance to create a substantial amount of usable water for themselves locally. 

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