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Waste water treatment plant producing green fuel

The following is a brief overview of the article found here

 Scientist from from a cement plant in Vallcarca (Catalonia) are preforming tests that conclude that their plants could use an alternative source of fuel to run there plants. Mud from waste water treatment plants is one way they use an alternative fuel that will also allow the cement factories to reduce their CO2 emissions. The mud is already a waste and burning it does not enter into the atmospheric CO2 emissions assigned to each country under the Kyoto Protocol. Also the burning of the mud as a fuel has also reduced the carbon emissions between 2003 to 2006 by 140,000 tonne reduction. These numbers will have reduced the potential deaths from exposure to chemical pollutants that the plant had previously burned. Future studies are needed to verify the results of the study, but it does look very promising that countries are looking for alternative fuel sources and hopefully one of these will provide a breakthrough that the rest of the world could follow. 

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