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Wal-Mart Triggers Privacy Concerns with Planned Merchandise Tracking Devices

Walmart is planning on using tracking tags to help control inventory and theoretically improve customer satisfaction.  They plan on imbedding the tracking chip on a removable tag and will post signs in the locations of the store where they are used.  I believe it may also aid them in the reduction of shoplifting because of the idea of traceability.  Naturally, some people are having a fit about this.  According to the article, people feel as though Walmart is going to try to steal their identity and go through their trash in order to see what they buy and throw out.  These people should stop thinking that everybody is out to get them and start thinking objectively.  This service is geared towards helping the consumers ability to purchase everything they are intending to in a single trip without having to return to purchase something that was not available. Link:

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