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Campus improvements continue

With big construction projects like the Student Center (and soon, the Field House) underway, it's easy to lose sight of several other improvements the campus is seeing. Here's an update, thanks to Carson Sorrell, director of facilities:

* New handicapped parking for Donovan and Kunsela Halls will include eight spaces outside Donovan, nine outside Kunsela. These parking areas will include new sidewalks, curbing, signage, drainage and lighting. Construction will be completed this month and lighting will be installed in early November.

* Paving near the main campus entrance at Horatio Street will be followed by the replacement of street lights from Horatio Street along Gov. Horatio Seymour Drive to the intersection. The eight new lights will use LED technology.

* Paving of a new pedestrian pathway near Adirondack Hall is also underway and should be finished by the end of the month.

* Work has begun on an exterior signage project, with about 60 campus street, building and directional signs to be replaced over the next several weeks.







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