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Campus-wide Thank You

To: Students, Faculty & Staff

From: Robert Geer, Acting President  

Thanks to all who made Tuesday’s Nano Utica Job Fair in the Wildcat Field House a tremendous success; more than 1,700 persons took part in the event. This was an important part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s initiative, which is transforming our campus as it lays the groundwork for the rejuvenation of the regional economy. 

I would especially like to thank those who took time from their busy schedules and volunteered to help staff the event. And I certainly want to gratefully acknowledge all on campus who accommodated attendees by sharing our facilities and parking with those eager to participate in this exciting new venture.  Welcoming almost 2,000 people to campus requires efforts on all our parts and I thank all of you for being gracious hosts. As the campus continues to evolve, an increased level of activity through events such as this will greatly benefit our institution and the region it serves.

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