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Memo from President Yeigh

TO:   Faculty and Staff

FROM: Wolf Yeigh, President

DATE: June 20, 2013

RE: Flexible Leave for July 5, 2013

SUNYIT will observe a flexible leave policy for Friday, July 5, 2013. This year, Independence Day falls on Thursday. By encouraging colleagues to take vacation or other appropriate leave for this date, employees can enjoy a 4-day weekend and SUNYIT can reduce its operations resulting in energy cost savings. 

Using leave is voluntary.  In most cases if you choose to work, you should be able to remain at your normal workplace. The air conditioning in most buildings will be cut back so employees who choose to work are free to wear very casual clothes.  Please discuss your plans with your supervisor as soon aspossible.  Supervisors will communicate with the Human Resources Office if there are any safety orsecurity considerations to be addressed. 

Some employees who work in areas considered essential to health and safety or offices critical to operations may not be able to participate in the leave program. Such offices/employees will be notified through supervisors after discussion with the appropriate vice president. 

All employees who are regularly scheduled to work on July 5 and who choose not to work on that day must charge leave credits (i.e., vacation, holiday, compensatory time).  Leave without pay may also be used.

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