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CTC-301: Moral Questions & Ethical Dilemmas Confront New Pope

The election of Pope Francis has not eliminated any of the ethics issues that have been associated with the Catholic Church in the past.  In fact, it has raised some new issues.  The most publically known of these issues continues to be how the church has handled the allegations of child abuse among priests.  CBS news states that the election of the new pope “could help heal the wounds inflicted by the devastating sex-abuse crisis” that have been plaguing the Catholic Church for some time now.  This article states that most people want the new pope to expel, from the church, all the U.S. cardinals that covered up for the priests that were committing these crimes, and to order the release of all confidential files from every congregation.  But is punishing any priest that covered up the problem going to help us now?  And will releasing all the confidential files really make the church 100% transparent?

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