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CTC-301: The Ethics of "Almost"

In today’s workplace, the phrase “It’s not my job” is sometimes used as an excuse to not do something that needs doing. This article touches on the ethics of this mindset, and a few others that are similar, such as “I don’t want to bother” and “Almost good enough”. The writer gives a couple examples to illustrate these ideas. One example he gives is a road sign on his commute to work that tells drivers when to exit. According to him, the sign is misplaced – the exits come up too fast, and the sign misleads drivers on which lane to be in. This is an example of the almost good enough attitude. Every person involved with making and installing the sign believes they did their job, but the end result ended up being not good enough. The question becomes, “what should we do and who should take the blame”. Should the sign be changed, or should it be left alone even though there is the risk of someone getting hurt? 

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