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CTC-301: Ethics & Our Personal, Everyday Authority

This article touches on the relationship between power and ethics in our everyday lives. Each and every one of us has some sort of power or authority in certain areas of our lives whether it be at work, at home, or at school. The question becomes this; does the amount of power that we posses correlate to how relaxed we can be with our ethical actions? An example is given, in this article, of a woman who is at a breakfast buffet, and asks the manager if she could have a wrapper for her sandwhich to take home. The manager angrily replies that the buffet is "eat in only" and that she should eat her sandwhich before she left. This example shows a person of higher authority (the manager) stepping outside of ethical lines while dealing with a person of lower authority (the woman). Should this be tolerated? Should we overlook the ethical misconduct of people of higher authority only because they are the ones in control? In my opinion, everybody should be held to the same ethical standards even if they are more powerful than others.  

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