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Ensure it never happens again

Penn state has been in the news a lot in the past couple of weeks. The media attention is due to a recent lawsuit settlement awarded to 26 sexual abuse victims of a former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky. Penn State has received a lot of negative attention in the past few years due to this scandal. Their football program has been sanctioned by the NCAA, and scholarships have been taken away. 59.7  million dollars is being awarded between the 26 victims. The university ensured the public that the money was not being taken from the students tuition. It is unfortunate that the University has to take such a tremendous blow due to the unfortunate acts of a former employee. There are a lot rumors about how the acts of Jerry Sandusky went unnoticed for such a long time, but I would like to think if someone outside of the football program knew of these events, that they would have reported him immediately. There were reports that some of the football coaching staff knew about the acts of Jerry Sandusky, but chose not to report it in order to avoid negative media attention, which is absurd. Jerry Sandusky is a criminal and has been justly convicted. It is unfortunate that the University itself is taking such a blow (financially) because of the disgusting actions of Jerry Sandusky, but perhaps they should have been following their employees a little more closely.

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