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Facebook Loosens Privacy Restrictions; Critics Say It Is About Money, Not Expression

Another social media squabble in the world of Facebook. Facebook decides to change its privacy restrictions to allow 13-17 year olds the opportunity to post things on their Facebook that can be seen by the general public. Before this privacy change, people in this age range could only be seen by their friends of friends. The privacy change also allows any Facebook user to be searched regardless of if they want to be hidden or not. This article claims the reason for the privacy change was because "Teens want to be heard". If this was the case, then teens would lie about their age on Facebook. Facebook does not require a background check to make sure you are telling the truth about your age. This is just another way for Facebook to gain some media attention in order to attract users. I'm sure there is some deal that is being made between the higher ups in exchange for money. If Facebook wants to be more user friendly it should respect the feelings of its user and update its privacy settings to protect them, not expose them to potential cyber-harm.

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