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Ends do not justify the means...........

"Media-Ethics Stories Focus on Ethics Issues" - Ethics Newsline (21 Februrary 2012)

This weeks newletter discribes the need for tougher legislation over media in the UK, which British culture secretary Jeremy Hunt favors.  The article also states that "flexibility" is needed for media outlets to remain "viable" according to Whales Online. 

People may recognize the value of the press, but it is gossip and drama that sell in my opinion.  Days are gone that a journalist reports the facts, which allow the reader to draw their own conclusion.  After all, is this not one of the reasons why we have labeled our own local paper "The Observer Disgrace!" 

Ethics Newsline article mention the recent case in which News of the World tabloid involvement with the hacking of a murder victims' voicemail by stating they "also had produced some valuable investigative reports into public corruption."

There were no ethics by the reporting person or persons of News of the World, at several levels.  This is easy to see, and although the publication produced other stories the ends in no way justifies the means.

We teach ethics starting in kindergarden and pre-school in this country, I can't say if that is the case in other countries.   By the age 13-14 most kids know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and have some basic sense of morals.  Why then does it appear that a good portion of the adult population think differently then the way they've been taught?  It's not a perfect world, nor is anyone perfect.  That being said people make mistakes, but making the same mistakes over and over is unacceptable.  Many look to the media with trust and guidance, I for one lost my trust in the media long ago.  I don't buy the local paper and rarely watch the news but what I find or rather don't find that very few true facts are reported, rather than an interpretation of the reporter or journalist.

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