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The Cheddar & the Ivy

An interesting piece on whether more morality develops with age (like aged cheddar cheese) or requires a great deal of nurturing and guidance from a very young age as does the English variety of ivy.  This article raises the question of whether or not someone who was not been brought up in a positive moral situation can strive for and obtain a sense of morality.  I believe the answer is yes.  How often as human beings do we want what we don't have.  How about...most of the time!  So someone who grew up in a bad moral situation who comes to a realization that it was bad may actually come to a stronger sense of morality than anyone may expect.  Likewise, those who have always had something tend to take it for granted, so perhaps that is the reason that those who were brought up with morals and values may eventually turn away from it...because they are curious what its like without it.  So the problem really comes down to one of understanding why the morals and values are needed.  Once this happens the rest plays itself out.    

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