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Guest Commentary: Privacy, Profit, & Purpose

I've always been leary of posting personal and or private information on line. Therefore, I don't facebook, twittter or skype.  Sure call me old fashioned, but how long was it going to take companies to realized that they can use this data to make money.  In the case of this article they are talking about companies using this information to streamline adds to to the end user based on their likes, interests and habits.  Personally, I want to have nothing to do with it.  No one needs my personal information or try to sell me something.  Americans in general have a big problem with over consuming anyways.  We don't need more mechanisms in place to drive us to buy more.  What we do need is to restrain ourselves from unnecessary spending and part of that is not allowing companies to bombard us with specifically designed for the end user repurposed information.

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