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Washington Policy Issues Bring Ethical & Strategic Controversy to World Stage

This article brought up three different ethical issues that the government has on policies throughout the world. The first issue is regarding the Affordable Care Act. The democrats argued that if there was an argument regarding the website, people will take that as there is a danger in the whole system. Republicans say the Democrats turned away from the problem and is responsible. In my opinion, I don’t think it is ethical to argue who is right or wrong in this situation, they just have to work it out.


The second issue that was brought up was regarding Syria. Global security and economic analyst Tom Gjelten says talking about the ethical issues have diminished the dominance if the united States on the world stage. He said that our allies were angry when they found out that the United States was monitoring the communications of their leaders. I don’t think that it is ethical for the government to monitor other nations calls. I do see that there is a sense of security but that is taking it too far.


The third and final issue was related to the war on terror. The leader of Pakistan wanted the United Nations to end the use of drone attacks on its territory. The UN said the use of drones does not violate international law and may still be used. The ethical question is regarding the use of drones if they carry lethal weapons and can cause collateral damage. I don’t think drones should be used because they cause too much damage and can kill large amounts of people, even our allies.

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