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New "discovery" in Mona Lisa


"Artist Ron Piccirillo says that if you turn the painting sideways, you can see an outline of a lion, an ape, and a buffalo around Mona Lisa's head, and a crocodile and snake coming out of her body" - Yahoo.

If you google the link you can see the whole article. Basically there is a pair of bushes with a branch comming out and this Piccirillo guys says it looks like a lion roarring. When you see the yahoo video you see it and it does look similar, however it doesn't really look like it was there on purpose. That is art though, if Piccirillo can make a buck talking about Mona Lisa go get it but I don't think the interpretations are quite accurate. It's all up to the viewer.

As long as you are enjoying art, it doesn't matter what you see.


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