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Turkish woman beat by police officers

This article explain how a woman is pulled from a night club and arrested because she would not provide identification. The video shows the woman being interogated at the police station and later smacked in her face. The police officers take turns smacking her in the face and pulling he hair. She is clearly in handcuffs and not able to defend herself. This shows that the men have taken it way to far and went overboard.

"The violence against my client, which started when she was taken with the excuse that she did not have her ID, continued at the police station," the lawyer, Hanife Yildirim, told CNN.

"When I met my client almost a week later, she still had a black eye and there were other marks on her."

This quote explains the severeness of the actions. Any punishment that would leave the woman with bruises and black eyes is more then needed when she is detained.

It is also said,

In the meantime, authorities pressed criminal charges against Cengiz for resisting arrest and "reckless behavior."

"She is facing up to six years imprisonment," said Yildirim. "The charge against the policemen is 'cause of injury through excessive force' with up to 1.5 years' punishment."

Police in Izmir have not responded to requests from CNN to comment on the case.

The worst part of this case is that the police only had to do 1.5 years and she was subjected to six years for reckless behaivor. This clearly shows how the government is ran in their country and how sided the court system is.

An important quote that goes along with this is stated in the video by explaining how 42% of woman are abused and mistreated there.

~Dave Rehkugler

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