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Eliminating devices completly


This article discussed the elimination of all hand held devices and phones while not in an emergency situation in your vehicle. The law had begun by eliminating these devices from drivers such as school bus drivers, tractor trailor drivers, and novice drivers.

It is said,

"Some 3,092 roadway fatalities last year involved distracted drivers, although the actual number may be far higher, NHTSA said."

This numbers concerns people and it is thought that eliminating these devices completly would take the number down immensly. The thought is that instead of devices owned by the person, it would instead be part of the vehicle itself. The phone would be attatched within the car so it is used by everybody the same. This device will be much easier to use than owning your own type of bluetooth or hand held device.

Another interesting quote is given,

""Needless lives are lost on our highways, and for what? Convenience? Death isn't convenient," Hersman said. "So we can stay more connected? A fatal accident severs that connection.""

I think this is an important thought because the only way people are thinking of the problem is what happens when they dont get caught or don't get in an accident. This is not the proper way to think though because you will never know how truly devastating this problem can get until it happens to you. Until you hit the person on their way home from work because you couldnt spell the word right so you kept your head down three seconds too long. Its a very serious thought, especially considering most people have probably caught themself swerving or close to accidents from this problem.

~Dave Rehkugler

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