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A Graphic Reminder by Ethics Newsline editor Carl Hausman

Over a week later, one can turn on the television to find people still talking about the Boston Bombings that occurred on April 15, 2013. Still fresh in our minds is the sorrow for the victims and their families, as well as the concern for terrorism in this country. However, the question here is, whether or not you would show graphic images of the event in a newspaper that you were editing. A couple different options this article includes are that the photos are not to be shown, to be shown, photoshopped to clean up, or shown on the inside with a warning on the front page. Well first of all, in my opinion, the truth should be salient no matter that eliminates two of the choices. Seeing these pictures for myself I can say that they may not be acceptable for front page news because they are very graphic. Although, I believe that it is truly just and fair to put them inside and have a warning on the front page giving one the choice to view or to simply keep away from children. I believe it is important to show these pictures of what these terrorists did and to obtain that sickening feeling (as I received) looking at the abhorrent crime committed on that day. I feel America is softer now-a-days than what I have learned of in history, and this to me is unacceptable...we can’t keep on growing as a passive nation that only wants to hear about cozy warm things or what Kardashian is sleeping with who. We need to be well aware of these kinds of things and unite against these acts inflicted upon US to show that terrorism or any other act like this will not be tolerated and no mercy will be given. Seeing is believing…anyone can tell you about something and you’re going to react a certain way. Upon seeing the real thing for yourself, the reaction is going to be much different and empathy will prevail.  


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