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Ethical Dispute Looms over Disposition of Unidentified Remains from 9/11 Victims

There is an increasing dispute brewing over the eventual resting site of more than 9,000 still-unidentified pieces of human remains from the 9/11 terror attacks.  Officals were planning on burying the remains below gound and have a wall with a quotation about never forgetting.  Here's the ethical part: Some victims' families say that this is disrespectful becuase could becomes a tourist attraction.  They are requesting to keep them in seperate above-ground memorial!  There has been a few disputes like this in the past.  The Holocaust Musuem in Wastington DC decided not to feature hair samples of victims from concentration camps.  The victims of the Oklahoma City bombings were buried two miles away from the memorial out of consideration for the families.

I'm sure there is going to be raw savage fights over this topic, so don't be scared to keep up with this debate!

Ethics Newsline: April 4, 2011


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