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Nearly One-Third Of Indians Are Suffering


In this article they are saying education is making Indians suffer.  Atleast 35 percent of Idians are poor and suffering because they didnt complete secondary school.  Highly educated Indians are most successful which causes a widening  gap between the rich and poor.  In 2011 35 percent were considered suffering and by early 2012 it increased 12 percent.  Even though 95 percent of Indians are within a 1 kilometer distance of a public school, attendence has dropped dramatically.

They are trying help with the attendance issues in the rural areas and an increase in the required number of years of educational attainment.  This is something India needs because they are an overpopulated country and if the 47 percent can drop a lot lower then they wont be suffering and can support the nations rapid economic growth.  So by doing this, I think it will help out with a lot in the long run so I support what there trying to do and if it works out, then it will make a lot of people happy.

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