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Technological Dilemmas Raise Questions, Red Flags...

A federal judge has ruled against a proposed settlement between Google and an association of authors when Google proposed the idea to incorporate millions of hard copy books into digital applications that can be viewed wherever, whenever through a smart phone, or other handheld digital devices. The judge ruled out on this proposal saying that it would give Google too much power, even though the website powerhouse has reached an agreement with the once fueding group of authors, saying that they will receive cash and further be reimbursed anytime one of their works is viewed online.

The internet browser Mozilla Firefox has reconstructed a new security fix to their software, after learning about being hacked recently. Despite this, representatives from Mozilla have revealed that they did not go public immediately in fear that the hackers will simply block the security updates, leading to far greater problems. Reports from ComputerWorld believed that the hacks were engineered by the Iranian government in an effort to trick users into revealing their identities.

A casino owner and Las Vegas billionaire says he will seek to have online poker regulated and ultimately legalized as soon as possible. Steve Wynn has argued that even though online poker has been recently considered illegal, that it will happen no matter what the law states and that police forces do not have the power or the right tools in order to rid of it. Wynn is teaming up with a firm called PokerStars in order to try to make this happen in the "shadow of the law."


Article From Ehics Newsline: March 28, 2011

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