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"Smoking Kills" Article Response

This article states that since a federal judge's ruling (as of a couple weeks ago), cigarette companies will be forced to include 5 specific statements about the harmful facts of cigarettes in their advertisements. Apparently, this is compensation for how the cigarette companies have decieved the country in the past about their product's harmful side effects. I don't disagree that cigarette companies deserve some form of punishment, but to be honest, I belive this act of "justice" is unecessary. The public is more than well aware now of the harmful effects that cigarettes can cause. One of the five starements that will be required to include in advertising is “Smoking kills, on average, 1,200 Americans. Every day.” Having to admit statistical facts such as death toll, is complete overkill. And to be honest, I don't believe saying things like that will have a significant impact on cigarette consumption, whether by regular customers or those yet-to-be. What should be necessary, is to display exactly the physical harms and side effects cigarettes can cause within advertisements, which is basically already enforced. If it is necessary for cigarette companies to recieve punishment for their past decieving, it should be done in some other manner.

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