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The Noble Red Man — An Ethical Dilemma In Sports

The article I reviewed this week is named "The Noble Red Man — An Ethical Dilemma In Sports." This article is about the recent lawsuit against the Washington Redskins for choice of their name and the people representing them versus the people who are offended by them. This is obviously a dilemma of an ethical nature. On one hand, the side that says they want to keep the name, named the "Redskin Nation," can say that it has been used for so long that no one has actually brought it up until now and there is no reason why it should be changed based on that fact. According to the other side, it seems right to change the name because of the disrespect that it brings to the Native Americans. It is also used as a racial slur and most sports teams that have had this addressed to them have changed their name when asked. The rest of the article goes on talking about three possible way sof thinking about the decision that has to be made.

1.) What would produce the best outcome for the greatest number of people

2.) Which of the two alternatives most coincides with our highest, most compelling moral duty or obligation?

3.)If the group that you identify with found itself portrayed as the symbol of a sports team, and you found that portrayal to be offensive, what would you want the team owner to do about changing it?

Personally, I would pick either choice one or three because that's the way I feel. I wouldn't really have much say in this to begin with since I was not informed of any of the accusations or reasons behind this beforehand. Considering that, I would still want the team to change because of the reasons for them changing.

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