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Ethics & Our Personal, Everyday Authority

The article that I wrote about this week was about normal American citizens dealing with the loss and adversity of authority and authority figures. This article also talks about whether using your power of authority is ethical in certains situations or not. The writer of the article then brings up the question, is it ethical for authority figures to just give up on situations that they simply don't want to deal with? Or is it more ethical to fight through the pain and find that answer that you were always looking for? The article then ends with looking at specific examples aformentioned in the article, mainly a parent, citizen, an employee or boss, and a responsible member of the community. In reagards to being a parent, there are certain "unwritten" rules that say what the parent can do to punish their child and what line they would be crossing if they don't follow these rules. As to being a citizen, it is not enough that our responsibility be solely about voting. It is to be about learning about our candidates and everything about them. Then as an extreme measure it is the responsibility to impeach what ever official is doing their job wrong and correct the situation ethically. The next example is when you are an employee or boss. Rules and guidelines are usually stated in the company policy. But it is not enough that you can work well with your boss and fellow employees. You must work together to further the growth of the company and make that growth as ethical as possible. The last example is as a responsible member of society. This one is pretty much self explanitory. I believe that each person has the responsibilty to make whatever ethical decisions they can in this world that we all live in.

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