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Magnetically 'softened' water

Magnetic fields are used in many household and industrial appliances, but who knew that they could be used in water treatment?  Although electronic magnets are produced, which used electricity, a natural magnate (made of an electromagnetic force produced due to the natural alignment of magnets)?

Water hardness for instance, is when water accumulates some amount of minerals like calcium, sulphates and magnesium. When they dissolve in water, they cause hardness. Hardness is undesirable in water because it causes scales, which are the solid form of these minerals. Scale formations can cause problems in hot water conduits, and appliances using the hard water. Although hardness can be reduced using salt, the major drawback of using these salts is its cost and the need to always recharge the ion beads through which there is the exchange of ions between hardness minerals and salt minerals. Using magnetic force to reduce the hardness of water involves using an apparatus with a coil wrapped around a pipe through which the water passes. An electrical current is then passed through the coil which reduces the formation of scales and enables the provision of ‘soft’ water that is healthier than water that is softened using salts.

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