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Moral & Social Roots of Japan’s Disaster Response

With the desasters in Japan there has been a small amount of looting from abandoned stores and houses.  Overall the there is still little due to rewards given to police that "crack down hard on petty crime."  Also people are forming long orderly lines while waiting for food.  In other nations after natural disasters there is much more chaos and looting.  This situation brings up an ethics question; is taking water and food from abandoned buildings in order to survive considered looting? 

The fact that most everyone is staying civilized and ethical through this difficult time shows that Japan is raising children on good ethics.  With the question about ethics of looting in order to survive I believe that it is okay.  Taking food so that you or your family don't starve is a natural instinct, and although it is unfortunate it is a part of life.  furthermore I believe letting your family starve is more unethical.

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