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Universal human rights lecture is October 15

Lindsey Kingston, assistant professor of international human rights at Webster University in St. Louis, Mo., will present "Human Dignity, Human Rights" Monday, October 15, 7 p.m., in Kunsela Lecture Hall on the SUNYIT campus. The lecture is the first in a series of events connected with the SUNYIT-hosted project "Refugees Starting Over in Utica, NY."

Lindsey Kingston"The 'inherent dignity' of all human beings serves as the foundation of international human rights, yet threats to human dignity persist around the world," Kingston says. "Beginning with a historical overview of the concept of dignity and the evolution of human rights norms, this lecture will focus both on problems and solutions that require our attention. In particular, an emphasis on dignity requires us to think critically about 'bare minimum' protections and to differentiate between life and mere survival."

The lecture is supported by SUNYIT's Cultural & Performing Arts Committee and President's Opportunity Fund for Faculty & Staff Development. More information is available at

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