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China Issues Reforms Related To Human Rights

This article shows how China has been facing many issues such as corruption, personal freedoms, and economic progress. One of the most important issues is the limitation to have child only.

According to PBS reports about the policies limiting a couple to one offspring will be relaxed, though the motive appears to be more related to economics. Human rights observers note that the one-child policy is very unpopular. It is often enforced through fines, forced abortions, and forced sterilizations, says Kenneth Ross of Human Rights Watch in an interview with PBS.

The Chinese government has been working on sweeping a few sets of reforms to allow Chinese civilians to have more than one child. This article is not ethical because if the government found out about families having more the one child they will force the women to kill the human being by practicing an abortion, which is against life, and life should be the consider the most imortant human right that every person in this world should have.



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