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Risk Health for Money

John Moffitt, offensive guard of the Denver Broncos, decided to quit his NFL career. Throughout his 3 seasons, between being on the Seattle Seahawks and Broncos, he has blew out his knee, had elbow surgery, and hurt his shoulders. At only the age of 27, between sleep apnea and floaters as a result of being hit throughout his 20 years of participating in his sport: football. Although some people may criticize his decision on leaving a one million dollar salary, benefits, and most recently this season the opportunity of participating in 2013-14 SuperBowl, his teammate Zane Beadles supports his decision. To come play the game your body cannot physically do is painful, "the game is too hard, too long of a season to come in and be unhappy everyday". John Moffitt is following his heart and doing what he wants to do which is to end his career and in return eliminate any more health obstacles that comes with it. In my opinion, playing sports professionally comes with a cost, the long term effects it causes on your body cannot be placed with a dollar amount. Moffitt made the right decision to end the health risk and take the pay cut that comes along with this decision. He will ultimately be happier in the long run and with the health issues he has at the age 27, football should very well be a thing of the past.

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