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Bullying Case In NFL Has Broad Implications In Workplace & School

 Bullying is becoming a major focal point over recent years. To help bring awareness, there are programs to teach people about the effects of bullying, mostly aimed at young students. Unfortunately, bullying exists on all age levels. The Incognito-Martin case, shows that even an NFL 300-lb offensive tackle man and Standford graduate is susceptible to it.This case has helped bring awareness to coaches dealing with young athletes who will be taking steps in providing anti-bullying messages to their teams and keeping an eye out for this.

It is without a doubt unethical to bully- resulting in discomfort to another person due to your words or actions. Incognito, stated that was just how their friendship was and how they communicate with one another, in an interview. This statement only proves that whether you are kidding around or not, words have the power to be harmful. Whether you are in the working environment, on a team, in class, or just strangers, it is important to be careful on what and how you say things to others. Based on a 2010 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, 35% of workers claim they are bullied at work. We need to prevent this at a young age and carry it through all activities requiring human interaction.

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