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Execution Of Ohio Death-Row Inmate Is Postponed Due To Request To Donate Organs Before His Death

In Cleveland, Ohio, the death-row sentence of a convicted child-killer, Ronald Philips, is postponed due to the request in donating organs before before being lethally injected. Governor John Kasich is allowing him to remove organs to donate, including a kidney for his mother. With his original death date to be in the middle of November, it is now postponed to July.  Although this is not the first case where organ donations are requested, Delaware has a similar case where the in-mate was able to donate his kidney to his mother, where an Oregon inmate was refused a request to donate his organs. No state has a policy in regards to this topic, however, some may question the ethics because you cannot donate once lethally injected as it results in organ failure, and also, life support machines are not present in prisons to keep the organs functioning after "death". The question of ethical arises because the concept of death-row donations combines the idea that maybe this donation thought is not voluntary and is mixed with a highly discussed topic: lethal injection. I believe that although they are a criminal and should be sentenced, it may be more ethical to allow them to donate organs to help others.

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