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"Ethics Issues Focus On Students, Faculty, & Coaches"

This article discusses ethical issues within educational institutions. Aledgedly,15 teachers bribed an "educator" from Tenessee so that other people could take their certification exams. This is a major issue because unqualified "teachers" should not be in the classrooms. Anyone who wants to educate others must take and pass the certification test themselves. There is a certain amount of knoledge that needs to be known before a teacher can be placed in clasroom and cheating your way through the exam isint going to help anyone, especially the students.

This article also talks about the issue with "online coursework" and cheating. Students can find the answers to online courswork just by surfing the web. Many colleges are developing ways to prevent this form of cheating but it is impossible to stop cheating as a whole. Cheating is and always will be an ethical issue within educational institutions but professors should find ways to create "cheat proof"online coursework.

Lastly, Penn State is giving their students an opportunity to take an ethics course based on the Jerry Sandusky scandle which involved the sexual abuse of  underaged students. The course pushes the importance of positive ethical behavior and encourages the "examination of overarching principles rather than personalities". I think this course is a great opportunity for students because it, in someway, teaches them wrong from right and what ethics is all about. More colleges should implement a similar course into their current pool of classes because ethical issues occur everywhere and students should be aware of them.

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