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BP Reaches $7.8B Settlement with Group of Plaintiffs in Gulf Oil Spill - Ethics Newsline


This article deals with the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill. So for in the first part of the case P has to payout $7.8 billion for a settlement on property damage caused by this oil spill. However there is more to this case and BP could end up paying out $25 billion for damage caused by this incident. This incident possibly could have been avoided if corners were not cut while constructing and maintaining the oil rig.

My opinion

In my opinion BP was being unethical. I feel this way because instead of taking the time to do something right they cut corners and it lead to an oil spill. If the time and money was taken in the first place it could have cost BP less and have had no issues but now they have to pay out the $7.8 billion for damages done and their settlement could be as high as $25 billion. Also since BP made the mess they should be the ones responsible for it and they should be responsible for it because they made an unethical decision.

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