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Sewage & Power

There seems to be many unexplored avenues in which sewage can be utilized. The ‘Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research’ is now thinking of using their sewage as a means of an energy- generating powerhouse by the year 2030. Such a process will utilize the primary sludge from the wastewater, thereafter adding chemicals to create an ‘energy neutral plant’.

 Already, such a plant is being built in Utrecht, where other resources from the sewage such as phosphorous are being considered as a means of fuel.


  • re: Sewage & Power
    by ryanjc (ryanjc) at Saturday, December 4, 2010 4:01pm
    This sounds innovative.  It is thinking like this that will help our planet in the long run.  As a society we need to find ways to utilize our waste for good.  Not just sewage, but the garbage we throw away as well. 
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