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College students behind push for cheating to be addressed on campus

This article addressed the issue of cheating/plagarism on college campuses. The article discussed that even with the advancements in technology the main form of cheating is still a more traditional form of cheating. What they mean is that the main form of cheating is still "inapprpriate collaberation" which is using prior assignments or exams to study from. I feel the ethical dilema of cheating is that is can be a double edged sword. What I mean is that now a days in college each class taken builds upon a previous class or group of classes. So someone that cheats in one class may end up paying for it in the next class when they are unable to do the basic requirements of that class. Cheating is almost strictly a personal ethical dilema, most of the time if you cheat you are the only one that knows that you did it. It falls almost on moral integrity of the individual to decide whether or not he/she will be ok knowing that he/she had cheated at some point in their lives for the sole purpose of advancement.

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