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Television pitchman Kevin Trudeau is headed to prison

This article was about TV personality Kevin Trudeau who did multiple infomercials prior to 2004 on how to get free money, how to lose weight fast and how to cure multiple different diseases for free. In 2004 Mr. Trudeau was ordered by the court to stop making misleading infomercials and stop mis-representing his weight loss books. Then in 2006 and 2007 Mr. Trudeau appeared in 3 more infomercials on how to lose weight fast advertising his new book. This time the court found Mr. Trudeau in criminal contempt for violating the 2004 order and sentenced him to 10 years in prision, with the judge saying "Mr. Trudbeau (now 51 years old) since the age of 25 has attempted to cheat others for his own personal gain" 

I feel Mr. Trudeau violated many ethical standards by doing what he did. Just general ethics taught to someone by their parents tell you its not right to cheat others. Mr. Trudeau attempted and succeeded in cheating others for his personal gain. The fact he was warned in 2004 and then continued to do the same types of activities shows just sheer stupidity on his part and I feel he deserves the sentence that was handed him from the judge.

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