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Water/Wastewater cpsts will rise

A report was released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and in said that American households will see rates cuadrupleing in the next 20 years.

Most of the cost of the public water system is funded by government, and as costs rise, more of this burden will be placed on the household. I agree with Elizabeth Kautz in trying to get the feds to cough up more of the money to help in these rising costs. Based on the report, local governments spent $93 billion on these services compared to the congresses $2 billion. To continue towards the future in which clean water is provided by envirionmental and sustainable means, less of the stress of these costs should be placed on American families and on to the feds. 

According to this washington post article, the Feds have strict mandates that impose extra costs to the cities. Strict mandates for safe and clean water is great, but they should be helping cities achieve this, not refusing grants to those who cant.

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