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Coloration between business majors and cheating?

Asking anyone they will probably admit to have cheating at some point in their life. Donald McCabe a business professor at Rutgers University is trying to crack down on cheating and why it is happening. Between 2002 and 2004 students were surveyed on if they had cheated during previous years or not. It was found that 56 percent of business students admitted to cheating. Other studies were done in the past with business students still being at the top of the cheating list with engineering students right behind them. McCabe theorizes that as students get familiar with the dog eat dog world of business they are more likely to start cheating in attempt to get ahead of their classmates. Although it is just theory his ideas do have some reasoning behind them. McCabe wants to abolish cheating all together by using a code of honor between students. For example after each test they would have to stand up and pledge that they didn't cheat. His system also rewards students who tell on others who were cheating. Although this sounds great for professors there is no way this could ever happen in the academic world.

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