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What is more important the grade or your education?

Over the past a new trend of cheating in schools is rising. Although many turn towards the students it's actually the teachers people are beginning to question. Due to the competition of schools and the increasing difficulty of getting a job schools are pressuring teachers to give higher grades. The people who create these standards see it as a way to keep teachers and schools in line so they won't slack off on the students. But teachers are only see these standards as a brick wall. The standards make it so a much more linear curriculum has to be put in place. This doesn't seem all bad except that teachers are only teaching how to get good grades on the test and not teaching students actual knowledge. Eight out of ten teachers that were questioned admitted that they were only teaching for the test some even saying they just practiced how to take tests. If this continues all we will be left with are a bunch of students who can take tests but won't actually know anything important.

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