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In Massive Cheating Scandal, 35 Atlanta Educators Are Indicted On Racketeering & Corruption Charges

It is taught to us at a very young age that cheating is wrong. It is unethical and hurts not only the people around you but also yourself. As a child in grade school you are told not to look on the students paper next to you. At times we even had to move seats in order for there to be more space between each other. What the administration at this school did goes against all that they have taught their students. They were caught changing answers of their students tests in order to better the school's academic standing. They were caught because there was a report of an abundance of eraser marks on the exams. Many of the teachers have since resigned and are being brought up on legal charges. The school also claimed that they were going to punish those who were whistleblowers. I personally feel that this is something that should be dealt with harshly. This is not how the people who teach our nations children should be conducting themselves. 

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