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Bullying Case In NFL Has Broad Implications In Workplace & School, Experts Say

Richie Incognito for the Miami dolphins was suspended for a week from the NFL for allegedly targeting his teammate Jonathan Martin for bullying and abuse.  This bullying and abuse forced Martin to leave the Miami dolphins.  There has been reports saying that the coaches had asked Incognito to oughen Martin up, which is apparently done by using racial slurs and and taunting.  Because of this case, coaches are taking young players and older teammates to be against bullying. Schools are incorporating anti-bullying into sports and academics as well.  Now the question is being raised about how far locker-room prank should be taken, and if it's too much is it considered bullying? Bullying isn't something that strictly goes on in high school.  It travels far beyond that, into college, and even into the workplace.  A study was done and it recorded that 35% of people who responded have reported to be bullied at their place of employment.  Even though bullying in the work place might not take place as often, or as harsh, it still happens and it is still something that needs to be addressed far past high school.  Going back to the Incognito and Martin case, Incognito said that his acial slurs came from a place of love and that is how Martin and Incognito talked to each other.  That is the way communicated and he didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

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