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Poker Pro Phil Ivey Accused of Cheating by Atlantic City Casino

For those who follow the sport of poker, Phil Ivey may be considered the greatest poker player of time. But for a casino in Atlantic City, he is nothing more than a cheat; allegedly. Winner of nine World Series of Poker bracelets and nearly $22 million in prize money, Phil Ivey was allowed to make a lot of requests. When he visited the Borgata Hotel in 2012, he requested a private pit, a particular set of playing cards and an automatic shuffler. In a CBS News report by correspondent Vinita Nair, she stated that "Initially the hotel was happy to oblige the gambler, but now the casino thinks he made those requests just so he could cheat." The casino claims in court documents that Ivey and a female accomplice studied the edges of the playing cards for tell-tale imperfections. Once Ivey knew the value of those cards, he could then make big bets when those cards were re-dealt. It's a tactic called edge-sorting, which is not all that uncommon believe it or not. The Borgata Hotel filed a claim stating that Ivey pocketed more than $9.6 million by cheating at the classic game of baccarat. According to the lawsuit, Ivey visited the casino four times in 2012 and was betting as much as $100,000 per hand. The casino said in the articile that edge sorting gave Ivey at least a 6.5 percent edge over the house, therefore, for every $100,000 he allegedly wagered and won, he would win $6,500. It is said that by itself, there is nothing wrong with edge sorting and is not declared illegal anywhere. So that raises the question, is it ethically wrong what Ivey did? Should it be legally wrong what Ivey did? That's up for the casinoes and law makers to decide.

Now as for Ivey's take on the lawsuit, he plans to defend himself against any questions regarding his integrity. While living his entire life gambling and searching for luck, Ivey's cards now rest in the hand of the court of law, hoping his luck streak doesnt come to an end.


By: Michael Hajec

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