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Five Ways to Cheat at Baseball without Using Steroids

Cheating is old as every game every game played. Most people like myself learned the lesson that cheating never pays early in life. I learned my lesson while playing a game like uno got caught with a pile of cards under the table. Needless to say my older cousins who didn’t think cheating was very humorous showed me the error of my ways. Even in professional baseball there are various ways to cheat the five talked about in my article were, pinesap on the handle for extra grip, spitting on a ball to make it dive and curl, hollowing out a bat and filling it with cork to allow the hitter to swing faster, scuffing the ball to change the aerodynamics of the ball and worst of all a telescope watching the umpire feeding pitching information to the hitter. In my own opinion I believe that the true reason why people cheat is that they don’t believe in themselves and without the confidence that you can win it is very nearly impossible to win. Speaking as an athlete I know that the best preparation for anything whether it be a big game or a test is hard work, dedication and confidence. I don’t believe that any professional sports figure who cheated feels good about it afterwards even the ones who got away with it.

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