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Olympic Gear made in Sweatshops?

In recent developments it has become evident that the gear or uniforms that will be worn by British athletes in the games were made by Adidas in apparent sweatshops. The manufacturing plant owned by Adidas is Indonesia and has poor working conditions which violated a list of worker rights. Besides the plant in Indonesia there have been other sweatshops that produce sports clothes and jerseys that have been forced into the spot light.

The Olympics is such a large event and will bring in large profits for all the companies who produce sports gear during and after the games with little costs due to these sweatshops. These sweatshops that have been discovered over work their employees for very little pay. In this day in age sweatshops should not exist anymore, not only do they exploit the people that work and live off the wages but  if companies charged a little more and produced their product ethically people would be willing to pay knowing there are contributing positively. Also it brings the question of should people try and buy goods from their country of origin and if the benefits are truly worth it. I believe if a country didn’t rely so much on products from China and had plants in their country of origin; it would stimulate the economy and create jobs for everyone.

The main issue with this is that the Olympics are a global event and is a tradition and unity of the countries that compete in the games. Exploiting the third world companies for cheap labor is not a headline that is connected to the Olympics. Ethically the people who arrange the purchasing of the jerseys should do more of an investigation about where they are made and that they are not indeed a sweatshop. Great Britain should not have a company within England make their Jerseys and help their own economy and their citizens. The Olympics are a time of unity among nations and the people of a nation so the countries that compete should have their gear made by their own country which would support their own citizens and their economy.

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