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Vehicle Recalls? Are they acceptable?

Now more than ever it seems that vehicle Recalls seem to be a common thing and almost widely accepted. Most people like to see the manufacturers admit they did something wrong and fix it on their dime. I believe they shouldn't have to fix it if the project was done right the first time. The atricle below describes the most recent recall of the Ford Focus's which have an issue with the passenger side windshield wiper.

Even though this defect in the Focus's Design is not necessarily the most dangerous defect unless its raining out very heavily then it can become one. For the amount of money that is spent on the vehicles brand new and on maintenance the vehicles today should come from the dealer almost perfect with no defects. I understand everyone once in awhile you will have a error or a rare situation but a recall is not something that should be acceptable. Any system on a vehicle no matter what it is should be tested thoroughly and no corners should be cut especially wiper blades which provide a clear path of vision in rain. Now whether Ford knew about it beofre the problem became public is uncertain but the Focus's were in production for a year with the potential defective windshield wiper, which might show that Ford was more concerned about profits and would do a recall if necessary since they are so widely accepted now.

As a car manufacturer ethically it is their job to provide well made cars that are safe and efficient for the consumer. Recalls should not be an acceptable practice or an option for a manufacturer because before the car leaves the plant all systems should be thoroughly checked over. If there is a defect then it should be dealt with it according. In Ford shoes it would have been easy to redesign or replace the defective part and could have been done at a minimal cost to the company rather than having a widespread recall and lots of publicity.

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