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IKEA is caught using Police Records for background checks

After reading the article Ikea in France says sorry for spying on staff which was found at, I found myself disliking Ikea even more than I did before. Ikea France was illegally acquiring the records of employees and customers to specifically track and target those responsible for potentially attacking the company.

This is unethical because in retail the customer is put first and you must trust the customer otherwise they cannot trust you. Without the level of trust between consumer and retailer there will be no business. The information that was used was not necessary nor justifiable, what they did was illegal and unethical. This event brings up the issue of whether or not public companies should be allowed access to criminal background checks and what there power over their costumers or staff with the information from the records. Personally, I believe the only time a criminal background check is justifiable is when a future employee is applying and they are aware of the situation. However, the information of those customers and staff is confidental and should not have been acquired with out those people knowing. It is good to see that at least some of these large corporations have a checks and balance and they have to follow the same rules and guidelines as everyone else.


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