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Are We Optimistic?

To be optimistic means to think and feel positive of up coming events and to hope for the best results. To ask the question "are we optimistic" is to general of a question. There are different types of people in the world with all types of different issues to ask that general of a question. The more specific question for the world as a whole which was asked in this article was to rate your current life and how you see your life in five years. With all the issues going on in the world today the majority of the people still gave positive ratings to their life's now and in the future. That is a optimistic view of life, but is it optimism or denial?

I feel in some cases people are scared to think of what the world has in store for them five years down the road, and instead mask that fear by seeming confident that life will be better in the future. No matter wither the world is optimistic or not, it will be the actions we take towards improving or destroying our world that will tell our future.

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