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Ethics Blog # 5: Poker Pro Phil Ivey Accused of Cheating.

    Professional poker is a hot commodity in these current years. Pro poker player Phil Ivey has certainly made millions in playing the game. However recently in other en-devours he has been called a cheat. He has been accused by Atlantic city of being a cheater in the game baccarat. A famous card game, that has been played for years.

    Ivey has been accused of edge sorting. It is a tactic in which the player recognizes and studies the edge of playing cards in order to get an upper hand in casino gaming. Ivey has apparently been accused of edge sorting a total of four times while visiting the casino in Atlantic city. He as well requested certain decks of cards to be used, and certain automatic shufflers to be used as well when shuffling the decks of cards. These accusations have led to other questions about his tactics, was he in this scam with the card manufactures? or with other people.

     Ivey and his attorney have stated that these accusations are false, and that by fact edge sorting is not illegal in any way. The odds look extremely favorable for Mr. Ivey according to several reports by CBS news representatives.


By Brett Gifford

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